Non-Injured Spouses are Entitled to Loss of Consortium Compensation

By Atticus Wegman

An often untold story is how an individual’s injuries can affect their non-injured spouse. California has developed an area of law to address how non-injured spouses should be treated when their lives are also changed by the actions of another. This area of law is called loss of consortium damages.

The law has defined loss of consortium damages as the loss of companionship and services, including the loss of love, comfort, care, assistance, protection, affection, society, intimacy, and moral support.

Our Orange County personal injury attorneys represent some of the most tragically injured people and oftentimes the best storyteller as to the full extent of the injuries is the spouse that was not physically injured.

Non-injured spouses often get much more than they bargain for when their spouses become injured. They become the injured person’s caretaker, their daily chores increase, their ability to show and receive affection diminishes, and their active life either lessens or in some cases, is gone entirely.

Our firm represents spouses and non-injured spouses for their claims for lost consortium. In doing so, we work to ensure that the untold story of the non-injured spouse is told.