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SUV RolloverAccording to car manufacturers, Sports Utility Vehicle rollovers are the fault of the driver. According to experts and the law, SUV rollovers are a result of defective product manufacturing. SUVs have a higher center of gravity and a narrower wheelbase than other motor vehicles, which makes them three times more likely to rollovers than non-SUVs. The result of an SUV rollover can be catastrophic, causing serious injury or death to passengers—often through roof crush injury—as well as passengers in other vehicles and/or pedestrians near the accident.

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SUV Rollovers: Who’s at Fault?

SUV rollovers often occur as a result of sudden maneuvering—typically performed to avoid a road hazard. If an SUV partially or completely leaves the roadway and attempts to straighten out, a rollover is possible. While vehicles with a lower center of gravity and a wider wheelbase may simply slide out, an SUV has the potential to easily roll over causing serious harm to passengers.

SUV manufacturers claim to have decreased the likelihood of rollovers in newer models, but consumer testing disputes the effectiveness of these modifications. Consumer Report found that recent SUV models still fall under an unacceptable range for potential rollover accidents. Older models are even more dangerous.

Defective tires are another factor that contributes to rollover accidents. Firestone/Bridgestone recalled 22 brands of tires between 1991 and 2001 that were linked to almost 300 traffic deaths, including deaths from SUV rollovers. Almost all of the recalled tires came with the Ford Explorer SUV. More recently, Cooper Tires recalled a line of tires made for lightweight SUVs that are susceptible to thread splits.

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