Medical Malpractice

$1,500,000: Nurse Negligence Leads to Wrongful Death of Teacher Following Lower Back Surgery

CASE DESCRIPTION: Decedent died due to bleeding after low back surgery. He sustained a retroperitoneal hemorrhage, left side from diaphragm to pelvis and an estimated blood loss greater than 1000 cc’s. The bleed was due to a small puncture of a vessel at the time of the surgery. The nurses failed to call the surgeon… read more

$175,000: Doctor’s Negligence Allows Patient To Linger Three Days After Stroke Without Treatment

CASE DESCRIPTION:  This is an action for medical malpractice arising from a failure to diagnose and treat stroke symptoms which resulted in right sided hemiplegia, with loss of speech.  The Plaintiff brought suit against the Hospital Doctor. RESULT:  $175,000.00 total settlement On December 11, 1995, Plaintiff experienced weakness on her right side, particularly her leg. … read more

$198,168.36: Man Goes To Doctor For Big Toe Pain And Receives Treatment Causing Nerve Damage

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Plaintiff sees Doctor for pain and swelling in his right big toe.  The Doctor diagnosis the symptoms as a result of gout and injects a drug.  The Doctor’s use of the drug was negligent, which resulted in Plaintiff receiving nerve damage in his arm.  Plaintiffs sue for damages and loss of consortium.  The… read more

$220,000: Nurse Breaches Duty Of Care By Giving Patient An Injection In The Wrong Place

CASE DESCRIPTION: During a hospital stay the Plaintiff was given an intramuscular injection to relieve back pain. However, the nurse gave the injection subcutaneously causing necrosis of her skin located around the injection. Plaintiff brought suit alleging breach of duty of care and actual damages. The Defendant disputes what factually happened. RESULT: $220,000.00 total verdict… read more

$230,000: Woman Discharged From Hospital With Tourniquet Still In Place

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff underwent surgery to treat arthritis in her left thumb. Post-operative orders were not followed by the nurses and the patient was released with a tourniquet still in place on her left hand. The tourniquet was removed the following day during a doctor’s visit. Plaintiff suffered tissue, muscle and nerve damage in the… read more

$250,000: Doctor Experiments With Surgical Technique Resulting In Disaster

CASE DESCRIPTION: A young woman went in for a breast reduction surgery.  Upon the doctor’s own initiative he used an unorthodox and untested technique during the surgery.  The plaintiff was disfigured due to the doctor’s actions and now has brought suit for medical malpractice. RESULT:  $250,000.00 total settlement Plaintiff had received breast reduction surgery from… read more

$275,000: Wheelchair Patient Injured When Ambulance Stopped Suddenly

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff, William Joss, was being transported by ambulance from a healthcare facility in Anaheim to a treatment center in La Palma.  While traveling on SR-91, the ambulance driver suddenly and without warning made an abrupt braking maneuver and Mr. Joss was thrown from his wheelchair onto the floor of the ambulance. RESULT:    $275,000.00 On… read more

$275,000: Med-Mal Suit Stems From Failure To Diagnose Colon Cancer For Three Years

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff received a barium enema, which showed polyp in her colon. Her Doctor overlooked that finding in the report. Three years later a follow up exam was performed that showed a malignancy at the same location of the earlier polyp. Plaintiff brought suit against her doctor for breaching standard duty of care. The… read more

$450,000: Doctor Forgets To Establish Arterial Blood Flow Into Boy’s Arm While Treating Fracture

CASE DESCRIPTION: A young boy fractured his arm resulting in arterial interruption of blood into his injured arm.  A orthopedic surgeon repaired the facture but did not cure the interruption of blood flow.  The young boys family brought suit for medical malpractice claiming the surgeon’s actions were below the standard of care. RESULT:  $450,000.00 total… read more

$450,000: Mother/Wife Bleeds to Death in Hospital after Giving Birth

TYPE OF CASE: Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death INJURIES: Wrongful death of wife and mother DATE & LOCATION OF INCIDENT: August 12, 2003 PLAINTIFF’S AGE: Father (age 43) and 6 children ranging from newborn to 20 years of age Plaintiff’s decedent, a 40 year old wife and mother bled to death in Defendants hospital after giving… read more