Atticus Wegman Secures $775,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident Client

By Aitken Aitken Cohn

Atticus Wegman secured a $775,000 settlement on the eve of arbitration for a client that injured his back in two motor vehicle crashes just two weeks apart. Atticus had the difficult task of apportioning the injuries between the crashes. This unfortunate sequence of events began when the client was a passenger in a rideshare company vehicle which was struck by another vehicle at a high rate of speed. Two weeks later, the client was involved in a lesser impactful rear end crash.

Atticus successfully argued the first crash in the rideshare company vehicle was the predominant cause of the client’s back injuries which eventually resulted in a microdiscectomy procedure and residual pain. With the help of his experts (neurosurgeon, spinal surgeon, psychologist, accident reconstruction, and biomechanic), Atticus was able to obtain full compensation for his client.

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