Personal Injury

$38.5 Million for Construction Workers Injured in Catastrophic Bridge Collapse on 91 Freeway

Case: Chaffee v. Parsons Corporation, CALTRANS; Riverside County Transportation Commission; et al. Lead Case Number: RIC1606486 Court: Riverside County Superior Court Result: $38,500,000 Result Date: March 2022 On the evening of October 9, 2015, there was a catastrophic bridge collapse on the 91 freeway on an off-ramp under construction. The project known as “SR-91 CIP”… read more

$11 Million In Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit involving the California Republican Party

Case: Ruehle v. California Republican Party Case Number: 30-2017-00912044 Court: Orange County Superior Court Result: $11,065,000 Result Date: May 2021 Through aggressive litigation, partner Chris Aitken and attorney Megan Demshki obtained an $11 million settlement with the California Republican Party on behalf of a father of six from Riverside who was involved in a freeway… read more

$11 Million Settlement on Behalf of Quadriplegic Victim in Pool Accident

COUNTY: Orange COMPLETE TITLE OF PLAINTIFFS: Isaac L.; Anthony L. COMPLETE TITLE OF DEFENDANTS: Doe Property Management Company, Doe Homeowners Association, Doe Pool Maintenance Company CASE NUMBER: 30-2020-01147908-CU-PO-CJC Complaint Filed: June 10, 2020 COURT: Orange County Superior Court DATE OF SETTLEMENT: January 8, 2021 AMOUNT OF SETTLEMENT: $11,000,000                            TYPE OF CASE: Premises Liability; Negligent… read more

$10 Million Settlement on Behalf of the Families of Five Injured Children in OUSD Bus Crash

2017 – ORANGE UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT CASES Eleven school children were being driven home from El Rancho Charter Middle School when the Orange Unified School District (OUSD) bus driver lost consciousness behind the wheel, due to an existing medical condition. OUSD denied responsibility for the actions of its driver. The bus swerved over traffic lanes,… read more

$10 Million Settlement In Ryan Corbin (Pat Boone’s Grandson) Case

2010 – RYAN CORBIN At just 24 years old, Ryan Corbin had graduated from Pepperdine University with honors, written his first screenplay, and was engaged to be married. Then on a hot summer day, Ryan, who is the grandson of the legendary Pat Boone, fell through a Plexiglas skylight on the roof of his apartment… read more

$55 Million Jury Verdict for Four Year Old Catastrophically Injured by A Government Worker

2007 – GUTIERREZ v. U.S. GOVERNMENT Leilani Gutierrez was four years old when she was involved in a major car crash that changed her life forever. At a fateful intersection, with Leilani securely in her carseat, Leilani and her mother were violently struck by another vehicle which caused their car to spin out of control… read more

$20 Million Settlement on Fast Food Playground Case

2005 – FAST FOOD PLAYGROUND Aitken Aitken Cohn represented little Jacob Buckett, who fell onto the hard tile floor beneath him (with his younger sister watching in terror) as they were climbing on horizontal support poles at a national hamburger fast food restaurant’s play area. Jacob was in a coma for months and suffered a… read more

Confidential Settlement Involving Disneyland’s Big Thunder Mountain

2003 – DISNEYLAND’S BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN Just five years after the “Columbia Incident,” Aitken Aitken Cohn handled the wrongful death suit of 22-year-old Marcelo Torres. The Big Thunder Mountain locomotive landed on top of Marcelo’s passenger car, crushing his chest and ultimately causing his death due to an improperly tightened and unsecured guide wheel. As… read more

Confidential Settlement Involving Disneyland’s Columbia

1998 – DISNEYLAND’S COLUMBIA Aitken Aitken Cohn represented the grieving family of a 34-year-old man who was killed on Christmas Eve in front of his wife and children as they waited to board Disneyland’s “Columbia” Sailing Ship. On that fateful evening, a defective cleat broke loose and struck both the man and his wife, killing… read more

$2.1 Million Laura Small Case

1993 – LAURA SMALL CASE In one of the firm’s first landmark cases, Wylie Aitken zealously represented five-year-old Laura Small who was violently mauled by a mountain lion at a county park. At only five-years old, Laura was blinded in her right eye, suffered brain damage and was left partially paralyzed after a cougar seized… read more