Should a Sputtering Economy Affect How You Value Automobile Insurance?

By: Atticus N. Wegman Beginning in 2007, the world’s economic markets began to see the onset of what would later come to be known as the global economic crisis. The global economic crisis was created by a domino effect with the U.S. arguably serving as the first tile to topple.  Fast-forward to present time and… read more

Consumer Attorneys of California Article by: Darren Aitken & Atticus Wegman

When is the Cable Guy Off the Clock? The ins and outs of the “going and coming” rule By: Darren Aitken and Atticus Wegman (See Biographies below) When representing those injured through the fault of others, the prudent lawyer always investigates whether the negligent party was acting within the course and scope of his employment… read more

Pro-Business Theme Pervades Recent Rulings from the California and United States Supreme Courts

While political debates at all levels of government seem to reach a fever pitch on each and every issue being decided, the Supreme Courts of both the United States and California have recently issued a string of rulings that reflect what is almost unanimously viewed by Court observers as an anti-consumer trend. Since such decisions… read more

Hazing and Bullying: A Curable Epidemic

Although bullying and hazing are not new to our schools, recent events have generated a great deal of new and sophisticated discussion regarding cause and prevention of this hateful and harmful behavior. While such behavior is always morally reprehensible, when bullying and hazing turn physical (as is often the case) there are also complex legal… read more

Navigating the Death of a Party

On July 18, 2011, Darren Aitken and Atticus Wegman published an article titled “Navigating the Death of a Party” in the Los Angeles Daily Journal. The article provides information on how to litigate a case on behalf of a client who passes away before a lawsuit is filed.  To view the full article click on… read more

Wylie Aitken Calls On Veolia to Fully Compensate Victims

Wylie Aitken was recently featured by the National Law Journal as he called upon Veolia Transportation Inc. (a $50 billion French conglomerate) to provide additional damages to Chatsworth Metrolink crash victims. A subsidiary of Veolia operated and employed the train engineer who caused the collision. The company failed to investigate repeated complaints of engineer misconduct… read more

Navigating the Death of a Party – New Article

Click to view article by Orange County personal injury lawyers Darren O. Aitken and Atticus N. Wegman.

Another Voice for Consumers

ATTENTION CONSUMERS AND CONCERNED PARENTS: You can now report problems and research potentially dangerous products on a single, user-friendly website. In March of 2011, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) launched for consumers, government agencies, public safety entities, child service providers, and health care providers to submit reports of harm caused by consumer products…. read more

Underinsured Motorist Insurance Coverage in California

Recently proposed legislation that suffered a procedural defeat in the Insurance Committee of the California State Assembly aimed to provide California’s insured drivers with benefits of underinsured motorist benefits up to the full amount of their limits. AB 1063, which was sponsored by Assemblyman Steven Bradford, sought to correct a more than thirty year old… read more

Summer Safety – Pedestrians Take Caution!

A recent article in the Orange County Register highlighted an alarming revelation. The article titled “O.C. can be dangerous place for pedestrians” noted that between 2000 and 2009 Orange County lost 454 lives due to vehicles colliding with pedestrians. With summer here and the increasing use of cell phones by motorists, there could not be… read more