Verdicts and Settlements

$225,000: Operating Tractor & Trailer Collides With Dodge Pickup Causing Serious Injuries To Truck Driver

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff Daniel F. was struck by a semi truck and trailer operated by Defendant Leonard Todd Steffen from Matthews Transportation, LLC, while he was driving his Dodge Pickup on the I-15 in San Bernardino County.  Despite immediate medical attention following the collision, the Plaintiff’s pain continued to increase resulting in visits to the… read more

$230,000: Woman Discharged From Hospital With Tourniquet Still In Place

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff underwent surgery to treat arthritis in her left thumb. Post-operative orders were not followed by the nurses and the patient was released with a tourniquet still in place on her left hand. The tourniquet was removed the following day during a doctor’s visit. Plaintiff suffered tissue, muscle and nerve damage in the… read more

$240,000: Cyclist Hits Height Differential On Bike Path And Is Thrown Head First

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Plaintiff was thrown off his bike when he hit a 1.5 inch height differential in the road.  The height difference was the result of roadway construction.  Plaintiff brought suit for personal injury from a dangerous condition on public property during the course of a construction project RESULT:  A structure which paid $240,000 up… read more

$250,000: Driver Struck By Left Turning Vehicle

CASE DESCRIPTION: Young driver hit by older man making a left hand turn while running a red light.  Since the male driver was found primarily at fault, suit was filed against his insurance and an under insured motorist claim was filed with her insurance. RESULT:  $250,000.00 total settlement On September 29, 2003, Plaintiff a 20-year-old… read more

$250,000: Man Escapes First Accident Only To Be Killed Moments Later

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Decedent lost control of his car and has a minor collision with the concrete wall on the I-15/I-91 transition.  Decedent got out to check the damage, when the Defendant lost control of his truck in the same way.  Defendant’s truck hit and killed the Decedent.  The mother brought a wrongful death suit against the… read more

$250,000: Plaintiffs Collect From Culpable Driver And UIM Policy For Rear-End Collision

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff Steve E’s vehicle was struck by a vehicle driven by the defendant.  The defendant had an automobile liability policy with a limit of $100,000.  After collecting that sum, plaintiffs then collected $150,000 from their own under insured motorist policy. RESULT:  $250,000.00 total settlement This litigation arose out of an incident that occurred… read more

$250,000: Driver Speeds Through Red Light Killing Elderly Man From Kansas

CASE DESCRIPTION:  An auto accident occurred at the intersection of Redhill Avenue and Skypark North.  The accident stemmed from the Defendant running a red light.  The victim was killed as a result of the accident. RESULT:  $250,000.00 exclusive of the worker’s compensation lien. Plaintiff’s Decedent, Terry A., was traveling northbound on Redhill Avenue, Defendant Oscar… read more

$250,000: Doctor Experiments With Surgical Technique Resulting In Disaster

CASE DESCRIPTION: A young woman went in for a breast reduction surgery.  Upon the doctor’s own initiative he used an unorthodox and untested technique during the surgery.  The plaintiff was disfigured due to the doctor’s actions and now has brought suit for medical malpractice. RESULT:  $250,000.00 total settlement Plaintiff had received breast reduction surgery from… read more

$250,000: Negligent Driver Strikes Mother and Two Year Old Son Crossing Street

CASE DESCRIPTION: At the time of this incident, plaintiff Amy K was walking her two year old son Dane home after dropping off her older son at school.  As she was crossing the street at the intersection of Valeroso and Via Hacienda, defendant made a left hand turn and struck Amy K when she was… read more

$250,000: Plaintiff Sustains Severe Injuries after Defendant Runs Red Light

CASE DESCRIPTION: On September 8, 2005, plaintiff Daniel T (age 38 at the time) was traveling northbound on Avenida De Las Fundadores in his 1991 Toyota pickup in the City of Rancho Santa Margarita.  While in the left turn lane northbound on Avenida De Las Fundadores, Mr. T. moved forward into the intersection of Santa… read more