Verdicts and Settlements

$150,000: Woman Assaulted In Unsecure Apartment Complex

CASE DESCRIPTION: A woman was raped in the rear overflow parking lot of her apartment. Upon exiting her vehicle she was assaulted and raped at knife point. Plaintiff brought suit against the apartment complex claiming they misrepresented the area as safe and that they are responsible for their premises. The Defendant responded that there was… read more

$150,000: Light Globe Strikes Plaintiff On Head At Local Entertainment Center

CASE DESCRIPTION: A woman was seated at a table in the patio of an Orange County entertainment center when a light fixture fell and struck her on the head exacerbating her neck problems.  Liability was disputed among the multiple defendants. RESULT:  $150,000.00 total settlement Plaintiff, Diane M. was seated at a table in the patio… read more

$152,000: Retired Farmer Struck On His Way To Church

CASE DESCRIPTION:  An elderly couple was on their way to church when a motor vehicle accident occurred next to them.  One of the vehicles jumped the curb and pinned Mr. Paul H. under it.  Plaintiffs’ brought suit to recover medical expenses, negligent infliction of emotional distress and other damages. RESULT:  $152,000.00 total settlement Paul and… read more

$155,000: Yacht Crashes and Sinks in Newport Beach

CASE DESCRIPTION: Terrance R. was a passenger aboard a 60 foot yacht owned and operated by James S.  They were returning to Newport Beach from a trip to Catalina Island when James S. drove the yacht into the Newport Beach jetty, causing the yacht to sink.  All six people aboard were rescued. RESULT: $155,000.00 TYPE… read more

$173,733.41: Child Attacked By Dog While Left Alone At Grandmother’s House

CASE DESCRIPTION:  A 9-year-old child was left alone with a quartered dog that had recently been surgically “debarked.”  The dog mauled the child inflicting severe injury to the child’s head and neck.  The child brought suit against the dog’s owner based on negligent supervision and strict liability against the dog’s owner. RESULT:  $173,733.41 total settlement… read more

$175,000: Doctor’s Negligence Allows Patient To Linger Three Days After Stroke Without Treatment

CASE DESCRIPTION:  This is an action for medical malpractice arising from a failure to diagnose and treat stroke symptoms which resulted in right sided hemiplegia, with loss of speech.  The Plaintiff brought suit against the Hospital Doctor. RESULT:  $175,000.00 total settlement On December 11, 1995, Plaintiff experienced weakness on her right side, particularly her leg. … read more

$187,500: Plaintiff Vehicle Struck Twice By Trucks

CASE DESCRIPTION: The plaintiff was stopped at a corner preparing to make a left hand turn when the defendant rear ended her.  As a result of the impact the plaintiff was pushed into the intersection and struck by another vehicle. RESULT:  $187,500.00 total settlement On August 12, 2003, Plaintiff, Amy M. was driving on Nancy… read more

$192,515.16: Hole in Parking Lot Causes 73 Year-Old Woman to Fall, Fracture Femur

CASE DESCRIPTION: On September 3, 2005, Mattalyne H, age 73 at the time, was going to have her hair done at a beauty academy in Euclid Plaza Shopping Center in Anaheim, California.  Mrs. H is an elderly woman who had a total hip replacement surgery in October, 2004, but had completely recovered and was fully… read more

$198,168.36: Man Goes To Doctor For Big Toe Pain And Receives Treatment Causing Nerve Damage

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Plaintiff sees Doctor for pain and swelling in his right big toe.  The Doctor diagnosis the symptoms as a result of gout and injects a drug.  The Doctor’s use of the drug was negligent, which resulted in Plaintiff receiving nerve damage in his arm.  Plaintiffs sue for damages and loss of consortium.  The… read more

$200,000: Plaintiff Collects Over Policy Limits For Rear End Automobile Incident

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff was stopped at an intersection when she was rear-ended by a car. The impact was so great that both cars were totaled. Although the Defendant did not dispute liability they did dispute the amount of damages incurred by the Plaintiff and whether the case settlement would exceed the policy limits. RESULT: $200,000.00… read more