Verdicts and Settlements

$100,000: Award-Winning Food Editor Settles For Policy Limits

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff is rear-ended on the freeway by a Defendant whose motor insurance company had gone into liquidation. Pursuant to C.I.G.A. the Plaintiffs were required to proceed against their own insurance company. RESULT: $100,000.00 total settlement On October 18, 2001, Plaintiff Mary M., the award-winning Food Editor of the Orange County Register, sustained injuries when… read more

$102,000: Two Vicious Dogs Attacked Neighbors

CASE DESCRIPTION: Larry Z., while walking his dog in front of his own home, was attacked by two pit bull-mix dogs.  James K. was attacked by the same two dogs moments later while walking with his wife near their residence.  Their spouses each had claims for negligent infliction of emotional distress, for observing their respective… read more

$107,500: Rear End Accident Leads To Multiple Shoulder Injuries

CASE DESCRIPTION: Rear-end accident leads to multiple shoulder surgeries. RESULT:  $107,500.00 total settlement At approximately 6:30 p.m., on Wednesday, February 11, 2004, our client, Shelli M. was operating her 2004 Green Chevrolet Suburban in the number one lane on northbound Redhill Avenue, just north of Edinger.  Shelli M.’s daughter, Kaylyn, was riding in the Suburban… read more

$110,000: Driving Miscommunication Leads To Motorcycle Vs. Auto Collision

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Plaintiff was riding his motorcycle when the defendant made a left hand turn in front of him resulting in an accident and significant injuries to the plaintiff.  The plaintiff brought suit for personal injury and his wife brought suit for loss of consortium.  The defendant disputed what happened factually and their liability. RESULT: … read more

$110,000: Plaintiff Injured When Pinned By Car At John Wayne Airport

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff was standing behind his daughter’s vehicle near the curb at Terminal A at the airport. Suddenly, Plaintiff was pinned from behind by the Defendant’s vehicle, which crushed his knees. Plaintiff sued to recover medical expenses, loss of consortium, and other damages stemming from his personal damages. The Defendant disputed liability and actual… read more

$122,500: On His Evening Walk Plaintiff Fell Into a Large Unlit Hole at His Residential Complex

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiffs Paul and Linda F. were taking an evening walk in the vicinity of their neighborhood.  The F’s attempted to enter a pedestrian gate of their complex, but the gate was jammed and they were unable to get it open.  A car was entering the development and the car access gate was opened,… read more

$125,000: Fatal Late Night Accident Caused By Speeding, Inattention, Alcohol

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Plaintiff passenger and driver are struck while making a left hand turn during a green light.  Defendant sped through a red light causing the accident.  Plaintiff brought suit on grounds of personal injury to recover medical expenses and loss of income.  The Defense disputed issues of liability and true cost of Plaintiff’s damages. RESULT:  $125,000.00… read more

$150,000: Boy Factures Leg At Del Taco When Partition Falls On Him

CASE DESCRIPTION: Hayden Corlette, 5-years =-old, was at a Del Taco with his family when a partition fell on him, trapping him underneath and fracturing his right leg. RESULT:  $150,000.00 settlement On May 20, 2007, the Corlette family arrived at Del Taco, Store #711 located at the corner of Imperial and Orangethorpe in Yorba Linda,… read more

$150,000: Woman Assaulted In Unsecure Apartment Complex

CASE DESCRIPTION: A woman was raped in the rear overflow parking lot of her apartment. Upon exiting her vehicle she was assaulted and raped at knife point. Plaintiff brought suit against the apartment complex claiming they misrepresented the area as safe and that they are responsible for their premises. The Defendant responded that there was… read more

$150,000: Light Globe Strikes Plaintiff On Head At Local Entertainment Center

CASE DESCRIPTION: A woman was seated at a table in the patio of an Orange County entertainment center when a light fixture fell and struck her on the head exacerbating her neck problems.  Liability was disputed among the multiple defendants. RESULT:  $150,000.00 total settlement Plaintiff, Diane M. was seated at a table in the patio… read more