Verdicts and Settlements

$395,000: Garden Grove Police Motorcycle Officer Cut off by California Highway Patrol Motorcycle

CASE DESCRIPTION: A Garden Grove Police Officer was riding his   motorcycle in the HOV lane of the southbound 55 Freeway when a CHP Motorcycle Officer, who was riding his CHP motorcycle, swerved in front of the Garden Grove Officer, forcing the Garden Grove Officer to brake hard and swerve left, resulting in his colliding with… read more

$400,000: Unsupervised Child Is Accidentally Strangled By Jump Rope Resulting In Brain Injury

CASE DESCRIPTION: A four-year-old went unsupervised on the premises of her day care playground.  While on a slide she became entangled in a jump rope leading to her strangulation.  Plaintiff brought suit against the child-care center for premise liability and negligence. RESULT:  $400,000.00 total settlement Defendant L’s Children Center provided day care services to four-year-old… read more

$443,248: Negligent Free Passengers Injured In T-Bone Collision In The Desert

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiffs were passengers in a vehicle driven by James W and owned by Nicholas K that was struck by a vehicle driven by John C, when the vehicle in which Plaintiffs were riding attempted to make a left hand turn from Via Las Palmas, across oncoming traffic, and onto Palm Canyon Drive in… read more

$450,000: Parasite in Crab at Sushi Restaurant Caused Severe Lung Infection

CASE DESCRIPTION: Jessica R contracted a severe parasitic lung infection after ingesting a live, soft-shell crab while employed as a waitress at Doe Restaurant. RESULT:$450,000 settlement Jessica R worked as a waitress at Doe Restaurant.   She served live Sawagani crabs at customers’ requests on several occasions.  On February 18, 2006, at the request of a… read more

$450,000: Boat Captain Gets Leg Caught In Unprotected Machinery

CASE DESCRIPTION: The Captain of a sportfishing boat was in the engine room performing urgent and necessary maintenance, when his pant leg was caught in an exposed rotating piece of machinery. He suffered severe and permanent injuries. The exposed rotating machinery violated maritime law, in that covers or guards are required on such machinery. Plaintiff… read more

$450,000: Doctor Forgets To Establish Arterial Blood Flow Into Boy’s Arm While Treating Fracture

CASE DESCRIPTION: A young boy fractured his arm resulting in arterial interruption of blood into his injured arm.  A orthopedic surgeon repaired the facture but did not cure the interruption of blood flow.  The young boys family brought suit for medical malpractice claiming the surgeon’s actions were below the standard of care. RESULT:  $450,000.00 total… read more

$450,000: Mother/Wife Bleeds to Death in Hospital after Giving Birth

TYPE OF CASE: Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death INJURIES: Wrongful death of wife and mother DATE & LOCATION OF INCIDENT: August 12, 2003 PLAINTIFF’S AGE: Father (age 43) and 6 children ranging from newborn to 20 years of age Plaintiff’s decedent, a 40 year old wife and mother bled to death in Defendants hospital after giving… read more

$450,000: Dial-A-Ride Driver Improperly Secures Plaintiff’s Wheelchair Resulting in Fatal Head Injury

RESULT: $450,000 from MV Transportation. CASE DESCRIPTION: David G, deceased, and his wife Sofia, rode the City of Cerritos Dial-A-Ride van to Mr. G’s dialysis treatments, three times a week.  On the date of incident, while making a left turn from Gridley Road, Mr. G fell onto his right side and struck the right side… read more

$500,000: Plaintiffs Collect $500,000 Settlement For Automobile Accident

CASE DESCRIPTION: At about 9:45 p.m., Christopher L and his girlfriend Alicia W were driving to a restaurant for dinner.  As they were traveling southbound on Antonio Parkway, Defendant Douglas B, driving northbound, crossed over the center median and struck Plaintiffs’ vehicle head-on.  Plaintiffs argued that Defendant was found to be under the influence of… read more

$500,000: Grandmother Hit Broadside Reaches Resolution

CASE DESCRIPTION: A grandson accompanied by his grandmother was struck broadside by a commercial pickup truck by an employee of the concrete company.  The employee was acting under the course and scope of his employment.  The plaintiffs sued the employer and employee for the injuries they suffered. RESULT:  $500,000.00 total settlement Mimanell R. was a… read more