Verdicts and Settlements

$275,000: Wheelchair Patient Injured When Ambulance Stopped Suddenly

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff, William Joss, was being transported by ambulance from a healthcare facility in Anaheim to a treatment center in La Palma.  While traveling on SR-91, the ambulance driver suddenly and without warning made an abrupt braking maneuver and Mr. Joss was thrown from his wheelchair onto the floor of the ambulance. RESULT:    $275,000.00 On… read more

$275,000: Med-Mal Suit Stems From Failure To Diagnose Colon Cancer For Three Years

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff received a barium enema, which showed polyp in her colon. Her Doctor overlooked that finding in the report. Three years later a follow up exam was performed that showed a malignancy at the same location of the earlier polyp. Plaintiff brought suit against her doctor for breaching standard duty of care. The… read more

$300,000: Motorcycle collides with car; plaintiff suffers fractured vertebrae

CASE DESCRIPTION: On January 13, 2006 plaintiff Jerome O, 58 a correctional program supervisor with the Orange County Sheriff Department, was struck by defendant Pedro T while riding his 2003 Harley Davidson motorcycle on Alicia Parkway, near Via Lomas.  Suddenly, and without warning, defendant Pedro T, who was traveling eastbound on Alicia Parkway, turned left… read more

$300,000: Hunter Killed When Ranch Guest Negligently Mishandles Rifle

CASE DESCRIPTION: Defendant was guest on Plaintiff’s ranch for the purposes of recreational hunting. Defendant kept in the back seat of his truck a loaded rifle pointed at the back seat with the safety off. At one point the Decedent opened the back door of the truck causing the rifle to discharge. Decedent’s family brought… read more

$300,000: Erratic Driver Rams Rear of Plaintiff’s Vehicle

CASE DESCRIPTION: On April 24, 2006, at approximately 8:50 p.m., Brandon M was riding in the passenger-side back seat of a Honda CRV being driven by Brian E, age 21.  Jeffrey U, 21, was the front-seat passenger in the vehicle.  The three young men were traveling southbound on Rosecrans Street, heading toward Point Loma in… read more

$350,000: UIM Policy Helps Plaintiff Get Full Recovery After Auto Accident

CASE DESCRIPTION: The auto accident occurred on September 17, 1988 at approximately 7:30 a.m. wherein underinsured defendant, James B. failed to yield to Plaintiff”s approaching vehicle thereby colliding with Plaintiff. RESULT: $350,000.00 total settlement Defendant was underinsured and his $15,000 policy limits were immediately tendered. At that point, Plaintiff”s $100,000 primary underinsured motorist policy with State… read more

$350,000: Young Child Attacked By Neighbor’s Dog

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Upon the invitation to come and use their neighbor’s pool, the L. family went to their neighbors house.  The L’s young son was attacked by the neighbors dog in front of his young sister. RESULT:  $350,000.00 total settlement Plaintiffs Wayne and Elizabeth L., Doe 1 minor and Doe 2 minor, were neighbors of… read more

$359,999.99: Mother Killed When Her Jeep Hit A Signal Box

CASE DESCRIPTION: A car accident occurred in the City of Orange where the mother and daughter were hit while riding in their jeep Cherokee. The Jeep then hit a signal box resulting in the death of the mother. Her family brings suit for wrongful death, loss of consortium, emotional distress and other economic damages. RESULT:… read more

$395,000: Garden Grove Police Motorcycle Officer Cut off by California Highway Patrol Motorcycle

CASE DESCRIPTION: A Garden Grove Police Officer was riding his   motorcycle in the HOV lane of the southbound 55 Freeway when a CHP Motorcycle Officer, who was riding his CHP motorcycle, swerved in front of the Garden Grove Officer, forcing the Garden Grove Officer to brake hard and swerve left, resulting in his colliding with… read more

$400,000: Unsupervised Child Is Accidentally Strangled By Jump Rope Resulting In Brain Injury

CASE DESCRIPTION: A four-year-old went unsupervised on the premises of her day care playground.  While on a slide she became entangled in a jump rope leading to her strangulation.  Plaintiff brought suit against the child-care center for premise liability and negligence. RESULT:  $400,000.00 total settlement Defendant L’s Children Center provided day care services to four-year-old… read more