Vehicular Accidents

$23,500,000: Exceptional Brain Injured Newport Beach Boy Awarded $23.5 Million By Jury

FAMILY REPRESENTED BY PROMINENT FATHER-SON TRIAL LAWYER TEAM Cade F., an “exceptional” 13 year old boy of Joel and Lisa F., was awarded 23.5 million dollars for significant brain injuries by a jury in Orange County, California. The defendants in this matter were an out of state corporation, E.A. Pedersen Company doing business as Pedersen… read more

$1,200,000: Woman Nearly Amputates Leg While Waterskiing

CASE DESCRIPTION: The husband was driving the boat and pulling his wife along. She entagled her right leg in the training bridle and it was nearly severed. The husband and wife brought suit against the manufacturer and distributor premised on a design defect. RESULT: $1,200,000.00 total settlement Terrye S. suffered a near amputation of her… read more

$1,315,000: Car Rear-Ends Pedicab During Parade

CASE DESCRIPTION:  The plaintiffs while riding in a pedicab were struck by the defendant who was leaving a parade. Plaintiffs claim that the pedicab did not take all safety precautions expected from a common carrier. RESULT: $1,315,000.00 total settlement On July 26, 2003, Plaintiffs Gail H. and Adele S. attended the San Diego Pride Festival… read more

$70,000: Driver Making Left Hand Turn Is Rear-Ended By Speeding Motorist

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Driver was making a left hand turn into a mobile home park when he was rear ended by a speeding car.  Plaintiff brought suit for a back injury he sustained during the accident.  Defendant admitted liability since he rear-ended the driver.  However, he did dispute Plaintiff’s estimation of damages. RESULT:  $70,000.00 total settlement… read more

$625,000: Motorist Driving On Wrong Side Of Road Hits Motorcyclist

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff while cycling up Mount Baldy briefly stops on the right hand edge of the road and was struck by a driver.  Driver was in the course and scope of employment when the accident occurred.  Since liability was not disputed, the parties only disputed actual damages. RESULT: $625,000.00 total settlement On April 19,… read more

$1,350,000: Tragic Bus/Automobile Collision Following Six Month Marriage

CASE DESCRIPTION: Newly wed Daniel G. was riding his bike and lawfully entered a crosswalk on Pacific Coast Highway. Defendant Bill P. ran a red light stuck, the bike rider and started a sequence of accidents. As a result of the accidents Daniel G. was killed. His widow brought suit for wrongful death against Bill P. and the other vehicle… read more

$1,400,000: Las Vegas Airplane Crash Leads To Death Of Mother Of Two

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiffs’ mother was one of several passengers killed when a private aircraft owned and operated by George D. crashed into the mountains outside of Las Vegas shortly after takeoff.  The Defense disputed liability and actual damages incurred by Plaintiffs. RESULT:  $1,400,000.00 total settlement The aircraft in question crashed into the mountains outside of… read more

$2,100,000: 81 Year-Old Pedestrian Struck By Automobile Leads To Record Settlement

CASE DESCRIPTION: An elderly lady was hit by a car trying to make a right turn when she stepped off of curb to cross the street. Plaintiff argued the driver was liable since she failed yield to the pedestrian. Plaintiff also argued the owner of the car was liable for negligently entrusting the driver with… read more

$325,000: Armored Vehicle Runs Red Light and Smashes Into Plaintiff

CASE DESCRIPTION:  Defendant, while driving an armored vehicle, ran a red light causing an auto accident.  Plaintiff sustained liver, knee, and ankle injuries.  Plaintiffs brought suit regarding personal injury and loss of consortium.  Liability was stipulated. RESULT:  $325,000 total settlement Plaintiffs in this matter were Joanne R. and her husband, Michael R.  They have been married… read more

Maximized Results Through Sophisticated Analysis Of Settlement Options

Although the law firm of Aitken * Aitken * Cohn prides itself in our long history of excellent results at trial, many cases can be successfully resolved through settlement. One of the most frequently asked questions encountered by our law firm is: “How do we evaluate cases for settlement purposes?” Our firm takes a sophisticated… read more