Verdicts and Settlements

$1,500,000 – Multiple Plaintiffs Awarded Full Policy Limits after Serious Rear End Collision

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiffs were rear ended on the I-5 freeway in Orange County while returning after a holiday party. Grandmother suffered a tear of her anterior cruciate ligament. Grandson suffered a facial laceration near his nose that required minimal repair, with largely unnoticeable scarring. Grandson was also treated for PTSD. Grandfather sustained significant neck and… read more

$530,000 – Senior Citizens T-Boned by Negligent Driver Leads to a 3-Car Collision

CASE DESCRIPTION: Elaine P. (age 60 at the time) was driving her car westbound on a street in the #2 lane in the City of Rancho Cucamonga. After stopping for a red traffic signal at the intersection, Elaine proceeded into the intersection on a green traffic signal. Suddenly and without warning, Defendant, Jerold M. negligently… read more

$325,000: Retractable Gymnasium Wall Fractures Young Girl’s Arm

CASE DESCRIPTION: In May of 2014, Malia P. went to the La Mirada Community Gymnasium. She was present in the gymnasium with her mother and younger sister to watch the end of a girls’ volleyball game before she was to play a park and recreational league game. As Malia was watching the volleyball games, she… read more

$195,000: Motorcyclist Involved in Broadside Collision after Motorist Performs Unsafe Left Turn

CASE DESCRIPTION: On August of 2013, Plaintiff was riding his motorcycle westbound in the number two lane of Culver Boulevard. As he proceeded, defendant, without warning, turned directly in front of him from eastbound Culver Boulevard attempting to turn onto Berryman Avenue, violating Plaintiff’s right of way. Plaintiff had no opportunity to avoid defendant’s vehicle, and… read more

$1,500,000: Pedestrian Struck by Car in Parking Lot; Leg Pinned Under Front Wheel

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff was hit by defendant when Plaintiff was walking in a post office parking lot on her way to a friend’s vehicle. Defendant only realized he had collided and pinned plaintiff’s leg under his car when he thought he heard something and exited the vehicle. It was not until a bystander saw plaintiff… read more

$3,000,000: Intoxicated Teenager Rendered Tetraplegic After Dive Into Dark, Code-Violating HOA Pool

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff was a 17 year old guest of a renter and his family at adevelopment in San Clemente operated by Verano at Talega Homeowners Association and Millennium Community Management Inc.  He and several high school aged friend were consuming alcohol at the residence within HOA for several hours.   Sometime around 10:00 p.m., the… read more

$1,500,000: Nurse Negligence Leads to Wrongful Death of Teacher Following Lower Back Surgery

CASE DESCRIPTION: Decedent died due to bleeding after low back surgery. He sustained a retroperitoneal hemorrhage, left side from diaphragm to pelvis and an estimated blood loss greater than 1000 cc’s. The bleed was due to a small puncture of a vessel at the time of the surgery. The nurses failed to call the surgeon… read more

$200,000: Uninsured Driver Causes Christmas Eve Rollover

CASE DESCRIPTION: While traveling southbound on Interstate five in San Juan Capistrano on Christmas Eve, plaintiff’s vehicle was suddenly struck from the right side by a pickup truck. The severe impact caused plaintiff’s vehicle to rollover several times before coming to a stop on its wheels. RESULT: James R., $100,000 settlement; Kelly R. $100,000 settlement… read more

$305,000: Homeowners Neglect to Fix Loose Tiles Causing Traumatic Fall for 71-Year-Old Lady

CASE DESCRIPTION: On Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011, Ms. B. enjoyed dinner at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. with other family and friends. She left the house at or around 11:00 p.m., stepped on some loose tiles on one of the steps leading up to the front of the house, lost her footing, and… read more

$200,000: Motorcyclist Thrown from Vehicle when Bicyclist Makes an Unsafe Turn during Bicycle Tour

CASE DESCRIPTION: Plaintiff Russell H. went on a motorcycle ride from his home in Las Vegas through Death Valley. Russell was traveling westbound on SR-190 west of SR-127 in unincorporated Inyo County, California. Suddenly, and without warning, a bicycle driven by A. Scott made an unsafe left turning movement and turned directly in front of… read more