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When an insurance company fails to pay a valid claim it is a breach of contract, and when done intentionally it is a form of insurance fraud known as bad faith. If you believe you are the victim of bad faith, contact a San Bernardino insurance fraud attorney at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn to discuss your case.

We are an insurance fraud law firm that has served San Bernardino and the rest of California for more than 30 years. Our attorneys can assist you with complicated matters of insurance fraud.

Insurance Fraud Information

Insurance fraud is considered a criminal offense in most jurisdictions and can result in serious legal consequences, including fines, imprisonment, and a criminal record. It also has broader implications for the insurance industry, as fraudulent claims can lead to higher premiums for policyholders. To combat insurance fraud, insurance companies employ investigators, use data analytics, and work closely with law enforcement agencies to identify and prosecute those involved in fraudulent activities.

It’s important for individuals and businesses to be honest and transparent when dealing with insurance matters. Insurance fraud not only hurts the insurance industry but also has financial consequences for the broader community and can negatively impact legitimate policyholders through higher premiums and reduced trust in the insurance system.

Insurance fraud litigation is based on tactics that unscrupulous claims adjusters or insurance companies use to frustrate consumers’ ability to collect a valid claim. Examples of insurance fraud include:

  • Conducting an incomplete or unreasonably drawn-out investigation of the claim
  • Offering to settle for an amount inappropriate to the actual value of the claim
  • Retroactively changing the policy without consent
  • Intentionally misinterpreting policy language
  • Delaying the processing of a claim to an unreasonable degree

A San Bernardino insurance fraud lawyer will be able to determine whether you have a legitimate claim and will fight to protect your best interests. You don’t have to fight insurance companies alone.

Insurance Fraud Litigation

Insurance fraud litigation refers to the legal process in which individuals, companies, or entities involved in an insurance claim dispute pursue legal action against alleged perpetrators of insurance fraud. Insurance fraud can take various forms, such as false claims, misrepresentations, or staged accidents, with the aim of obtaining undeserved insurance benefits or financial compensation. When insurance fraud is suspected, insurance companies may investigate the claim and, if necessary, engage in litigation to protect their interests and deter fraudulent activities.

The perpetrators of bad faith can be held accountable through an insurance fraud lawsuit. If you believe that your insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim or has otherwise engaged in bad faith practices, you deserve to be compensated and should consider speaking with an attorney about your rights.

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Aitken * Aitken * Cohn is a leading insurance fraud law firm, having been involved in several multi-million dollar insurance fraud lawsuit verdicts. We have been at the forefront of several landmark California court decisions which serve to protect consumers from bad faith.

You don’t have to navigate the complexities of insurance fraud alone. Please contact us today to speak with an experienced and qualified San Bernardino insurance fraud attorney about your case.