San Bernardino Wrongful Death Attorneys

A wrongful death lawsuit is filed by the families of deceased individuals who are killed through the reckless actions or negligence of others. Negligence in a wrongful death case means that someone was careless and due to that carelessness someone else was killed. The guilty party may be an individual, business, corporation or government entity. Wrongful deaths typically involve auto accidents, homicides, defective products, or work related deaths.

Wrongful deaths can leave loved ones not only grieving but in financial chaos. Due to the sudden nature of the tragedies, they often leave the deceased’s estate unprepared to care for the family left behind. If there is no insurance or savings, a San Bernardino wrongful death attorney and a lawsuit may be the key to keeping bills paid, paying for college educations, or keeping a family home.

Our San Bernardino wrongful death lawyers understand the difficulty facing families in the wake of a wrongful death. Wrongful deaths are the most serious type of litigation, and may be the only way to bring a sense of closure to the survivors.

San Bernardino Wrongful Death Attorneys

Our San Bernardino wrongful death attorneys are experienced and can advise you to the best course of action following the death of a loved one. There are several reasons that you can expect to be compensated in a wrongful death lawsuit.

  • Future earnings potential, which is the amount of income your loved one would have been expected to earn in the course of natural life
  • Compensation for medical and funeral related costs
  • Pain and suffering of the family of the deceased individual
  • Punitive damages, a penalty that can be assessed to the guilty party, which sends a message that his or her actions or negligence is not acceptable

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If your loved one was killed through the actions or negligence of another party, our San Bernardino wrongful death lawyers want to help. Serious litigation of this nature requires the attention and skills that only an experienced wrongful death attorney can give. It’s also beneficial to know the California statute of limitations on wrongful death suits.

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