Riverside Burn Injury Attorneys

Burn injuries can leave lasting effects on your life, your family, and your finances.  The Riverside burn injury attorneys at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn are competent and experienced attorneys who:

  • Have a working knowledge of case law and trial advocacy;
  • Are qualified representatives to fight on your behalf; and
  • Invest all of their resources into making sure your case has the best possible chances at success.

Call the Riverside office of Aitken * Aitken * Cohn today, and our Orange County personal injury attorneys will begin work immediately to secure your compensation.  There is no risk to you.  Your initial case evaluation and consultation is free.

Riverside Burn Injury Attorneys May be Able to Help

Due to the complexities and time limitations to recover for your burn injury, it is important to seek out an experienced Riverside burn injury attorney today. Burn injury attorneys can ensure:

  • All necessary documents and paperwork are filed in the appropriate county courthouse;
  • The evidence to support your claim is gathered including conducting an investigation, speaking to eyewitnesses, reviewing medical records, and hiring experts; and
  • Speak with the defendant’s attorneys to resolve the claim through a settlement and taking the matter to trial, if needed.

Handling the case without a Riverside burn injury attorney, like those at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn, might cost you more in the end.  There may be multiple defendants in your case including a property owner, equipment manufacturer, machinery installer, gas company, electrical company, or others.  Your burn injury lawyer in Riverside will seek compensation from all of these parties.

What are the Common Causes of a Burn Injury?

Burns are caused by several sources, and most people suffer some form of burn injury at some point in their lives.  Some common incidents that lead to burns which involve the negligence of others include the following:

It is important to know the signs and symptoms of a serious burn and seek medical attention should you or a loved one suffer such a burn.  Any burn above a first-degree burn requires immediate medical attention.  Be vigilant and know the following burn information:

  • First-degree burn. These are treatable at home and cause only redness and mild swelling;
  • Second-degree burn. These burns cause a painful, swollen, moist-looking area on the skin.  A second-degree burn affects the first two skin layers and can leave a scar;
  • Third-degree burn. These burns penetrate down to the fatty layer below the skin.  Instead of pain, the victim may feel numbness in the area;
  • Fourth-degree burn. These burns may cause blackening of the skin.  The burn victim may not feel pain due to nerve damage.

What Compensation is Available in a Riverside Burn Injury Lawsuit?

The severity of the burn injury will likely affect the recovery in your case.  An experienced Riverside personal injury attorney will pursue full compensation on your behalf for damages including:

  • Medical bills for emergency treatment, surgery, and skin grafts;
  • Lost income;
  • Future lost wages due to loss of mobility and loss of sensation;
  • Mental anguish;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Expenses for physical and vocational therapy, counseling, and ongoing medical care; and
  • Other related costs.

Catastrophic burn injuries and explosions can be fatal. If your loved one died as a result of severe burns, Aitken * Aitken * Cohn can pursue a wrongful death case on your family’s behalf.  Contact our compassionate burn injury attorneys today for your free consultation.