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Riverside Edison Utility Claims AttorneyThe largest and deadliest wildfires in history have recently ravaged California and its cities, including Riverside, causing hundreds of fatalities and billions of dollars worth of damage. A wildfire, however, needs a spark to start. If California power companies like Riverside Edison had taken better care to preserve their equipment to prevent catastrophic breakdowns, many of these fires may have been prevented.

The residents of Riverside suffer much throughout the wildfires, and it appears that many of these fires were started by the vital public service that we depend on.

If Riverside Edison caused a fire close to you, the Riverside Edison utility claims attorney at Aitken *Aitken* Cohn’s law firm managing fire damage claims against businesses and insurance providers are well-equipped to handle your case. We represent individuals who have suffered property damage, loss of personal property, lost profits, personal injuries, and other types of injuries.

How Are Wildfire Lawsuits Managed?

To seek compensation for injuries suffered as a result of a wildfire caused by a utility company, families or businesses must often file a lawsuit. When a utility business, such as Riverside Edison, is the target of hundreds (or even thousands) of lawsuits, the courts will often combine all of the claims into one big case. Although these claims are being fought jointly, each person or organization injured by the wildfire must show its damages. Our Riverside Edison utility claims attorneys have years of expertise managing these sorts of claims and guiding wildfire victims through the procedure to obtain fair compensation.

Possibilities For Claims That We Can Make For A Riverside Wildfire:

A Riverside personal injury attorney can assist with various claims. Along with addressing bad faith insurance practices, competent legal representation can assist a victim in obtaining compensation through other channels. If somebody started the fire or contributed to it, the victims may bring legal claims for their damages against the responsible person.

Such legal options include the aforementioned class action lawsuits against and Riverside Edison.

An attorney in Riverside can guide you through the process of bringing your case or adding your name to a class action as a new plaintiff. Multiple plaintiffs who experienced comparable damages from the same source can combine their legal resources into a single case when they file a class action lawsuit.

As a result, the legal procedure proceeds far more quickly than it would if there were hundreds of separate claims. On the other hand, plaintiffs often receive a lesser settlement amount. Typically, the plaintiffs will equally distribute the whole payment to every class member.

Damage recoveries for Fire victims:

Suppose that you or someone else was a victim of a wildfire caused by a Riverside Edison utility accident. In that situation, our attorneys can assist you in obtaining financial compensation for:

  • Personal injury
  • Damage to personal property
  • Loss or damage to residential buildings
  • Evacuation fees
  • loss of income

Your damages might not be covered by homeowner’s insurance, even if you have it. Many fire victims have discovered the terrible truth that even after rebuilding or repairing their property, the insurance earnings may not fully make up for the losses they experienced, including the cost of rebuilding their house or replacing their personal belongings and landscaping. Replacement expenses are sometimes two to three times more than the insurance policy’s coverage limit.

In addition to underestimated economic damages, claims may also be brought for uninsured losses, which have previously been successfully recovered in fire cases and include losses to crops, plants, and residential landscaping.

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