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Riverside FedEx Truck Accident AttorneyFedEx, the second-largest courier delivery service company in the US, uses a vast network of trucks, cars, and even airplanes to transport its items around the US and the rest of the world. Every year, FedEx trucks travel millions of miles. Therefore, accidents involving FedEx trucks are unavoidable due to the number of vehicles the company deploys regularly. And when they do, the injury that follows might be catastrophic.

Riverside and many other American states have depended on Federal Express Corporation (FedEx) for its shipping and delivery requirements for many years. The possibility of major accidents involving any vehicle exists, including FedEx trucks.

FedEx’s Responsibility for Injuries

The responsibility to drive safely extends to all drivers to protect pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles on the road. What is reasonable care? For drivers, taking care is as easy as obeying traffic signs and laws, yielding, giving way, keeping their eyes on the road, and putting away their cell phones. Drivers risk getting into an accident and injuring someone when they fail to take reasonable precautions when driving. The driver may be charged with negligence if their failure to perform their duty results in the victim’s injuries. Four things make up negligence: duty, breach, cause, and harm. As previously indicated, all drivers are responsible to other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. This obligation must first exist to prove negligence.

Since many delivery drivers are independent contractors, almost all liability is transferred from the company to the driver. However, FedEx directly employs its drivers. Before permitting drivers to begin working, the firm is responsible for giving them the appropriate training. Additionally, many businesses require that their drivers attend these training courses regularly to ensure they are constantly up to speed on the most recent legislation or review previous training sessions. So, if a FedEx driver causes a collision, the company will probably be held liable. How is the company accountable? Before permitting the driver to get behind the vehicle, did FedEx give them the appropriate training? When the accident happened, was the driver taking a phone call? Was the driver going too fast to make deliveries on time?

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Injuries Suffered Commonly in FedEx Truck Accidents

If a FedEx vehicle was involved in an accident, you might have recognized that your injuries are identical to those received in any other vehicle collision. The sort of impact, power, and travel speed are often factors in typical auto accidents that affect how serious the injuries are. The size of the involved vehicle, which can range from a medium-sized van to a truck, might impact the seriousness of the injuries caused.

The following is a list of the most frequent wounds sustained in motor vehicle collisions:

  • Traumatic brain injuries and head injuries
  • Hip injuries and shoulder injuries
  • Injuries to the neck and back
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Fractures, sprains, strains, and broken bones
  • Bruises, scratches, and cuts

Contact a Riverside FedEx Truck accident attorney to find out how you may file a FedEx truck accident case and collect compensation if you suffered injuries in a collision with a FedEx vehicle that left you with high and unexpected medical costs.

Why Should You Hire a Riverside FedEx Truck Accident Attorney?

Unlimited financial resources, an army of defense attorneys, and an excellent public relations staff are all at FedEx’s service. In addition to your physical pain and mental suffering, you must also deal with growing medical bills and lost income. How are you going to win this struggle? By selecting the best truck accident attorney, you may flip the cards and stack them in your favor.

When you choose our Riverside FedEx truck accident attorney, you select a team of Top 1% award-winning attorneys, as well as a hand-selected team of highly skilled investigators, negotiators, paralegals, and support staff members who all have the same objective: to maximize your recovery.

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