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Riverside Paralysis AttorneyAn individual who loses feeling or function in one or more muscles will suffer paralysis, a catastrophic injury. The most common causes of paralysis are spinal cord injuries and strokes. Spinal cord injuries and paralysis can result in high medical and rehabilitation costs. A paralyzed person may require physical therapy, expensive medical equipment, and lifelong medical care. Accident victims who have lost their ability to move due to paralysis have the right to pursue compensation for their current and future medical costs. The physical, emotional, and financial toll that paralysis places on the victim and their loved ones are something our Riverside paralysis attorneys at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn are aware of.

Types of Paralysis

When someone suffers paralysis, they cannot move any of their body components or their entire body. Spinal cord damage, severe brain injury, stroke, or illness can all result in paralysis. There are 14 different types of paralysis, but the two major groups are:

  1. Complete paralysis: Similar to paraplegia or quadriplegia, this condition occasionally causes a person to lose control of their body’s core muscles. Living with total paralysis almost invariably entails dependency.
  2. Incomplete Paralysis: There are five types of incomplete paralysis. If you have one of the following conditions, you have incomplete paralysis: anterior cord syndrome, central cord syndrome, brown-Sequart syndrome, or cauda equina lesion.

Causes of Paralysis

Regarding trauma injuries, the neck, head, and back are some of the most susceptible body areas. Common causes of paralysis brought on include:

  • Motor vehicle collisions: In almost all automobile collisions, the heads of the occupants are forcibly snapped back and forth, exposing the neck and head to severe harm. Seat belts and other restraints frequently don’t provide enough safety.
  • Falls: People who trip and fall frequently land on their upper or lower spines, and falls from great heights can result in life-threatening injuries.
  • ATV/Bike Crashes: Even though the property is marked as off-limits to recreational vehicles, proprietors may still be responsible for injuries received this way, especially if the victim was a kid or has previously visited the place. ATV rollovers and off-road motorcycle accidents are two examples of this.
  • Defective Items: A few recent examples of hazardous products that have injured thousands include exploding airbags, faulty ignition switches, and runaway automobile accelerators.

Damages To Recover

Recovering damages for personal injury claims is intended to help the plaintiff return as closely as possible to their pre-accident situation. As a result, to assess how their damage may impact them in the future, plaintiffs must calculate their past and current losses. For those who suffer paralysis, this can result in lifetime care costs for which they may file a claim. Any medical and rehabilitation expenditures are the primary damages in these cases.

The possibility of lost income is a significant factor in these situations. One-limb paralysis does not preclude a person from working, but it may reduce how much they can work. A person may never be able to take care of their financial requirements again in more challenging situations, including losing the ability to walk or having quadriplegia.

A plaintiff may also be eligible to receive compensation for their emotional damages, such as diminished quality of life. Those losses can include giving up cherished pastimes, having the inability to communicate with family members, or having to shoulder a lifetime of responsibility for family members. Based on their overall losses, Riverside paralysis attorneys at Aitken * Aitken * Cohn might assess a person’s paralysis injury case and decide on appropriate compensation.

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No compensation can compensate for the effects paralysis has on the life of an accident victim or reverse the harm suffered in the accident. But a lawyer may assist in pursuing justice for people living with paralysis and their families, possibly providing closure by demonstrating that the offender has been held accountable for their crimes.

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