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Southern Edison Utility Claims LawyerMany people don’t understand the services a professional utility lawyer provides. Utility law is a legal practice that primarily encompasses public utilities’ rules and regulations. These utilities generally include suppliers of:

  • Natural gas
  • Telecom services
  • Electricity
  • Cable television
  • Water and sewer services
  • Motor carriers
  • Ferry services

The federal and state governments implement all rules and regulations governing these services. It’s the role and responsibility of a Southern Edison utility claims lawyer to represent their client before agencies such as FCC (Federal Communication Commission), FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), and their state utilities commissions, if and when their client chooses to file a lawsuit against a public utility company for misconduct or negligence.

What Is A Privately Owned Public Utility?

A public utility is a company owned privately or by a municipality. In the case of a privately owned public utility, the owners are the firm’s shareholders. It is the responsibility of a privately owned public utility to satisfy any concerns of their shareholder. Private-public unities earn using a procedure known as ‘rate of return regulation.

  • Under private unities’ arrangement with the government, they have numerous obligations to the customers they serve. Some of these obligations include:
  • A utility cannot engage in any discrimination when providing its services. They must serve everyone who requests and pays for their services.
  • All services provided by the utility should be safe for customers to use.
  • A public utility must provide the regulatory authority with a document that outlines its services, rates, and charges. They can charge customers only as per the permitted rate.

A public utility should deal with all customers fairly and offer their services in good faith. They should do their best to respond to customer queries and complaints and ensure their terms of service are clear.

Filing A Claim Against A Public Utility

You can sue a public utility company for negligence or bad service. However, you can’t file a claim based on mere negligence, alleging that the train was slow on some days. If you want compensation from a public utility, you must show that the delivery of their services was significantly poorer than customer expectations. You can also sue a public utility company for deliberate misconduct.

Anyone who wishes to file a lawsuit against a public utility company should hire a Southern Edison utility claims lawyer and then file a summons and complaint against the company. There are several steps you need to take when suing a utility company. You must first notify the utility of your complaint. This gives the public utility to file for an answer.

Why Should You Hire A Lawyer?

If you are having any issues related to a public utility company, it is important for you to contact a professional Southern Edison utility claims lawyer at the earliest. A skilled utility claims lawyer who has some on-field experience in government law can help you review your case and give you professional insight and advice on how you must continue forward.

Since a professional attorney is much more familiar with court proceedings and all their components, the lawyer can also represent you in court and at hearings. As long as you let a seasoned professional present your case, you have much greater odds of winning the case.

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